Milling & Mashing

The process of brewing all begins (in the brewery) with crushing whole grain malt with a mill. Once milling is complete, mashing begins. This is the process of mixing the crushed malt with very hot water, temperature ranging from 144-158 degrees. This then becomes the body of the beer. The mash will take between 30-120 minutes or more, depending on the temperature and type of enzyme working. Once complete, the liquid is separated from the now spent grain and transferred to the boil kettle.

Boiling & Fermentation

Once the boil kettle is full of this sugary liquid, known as wort (pronounced wert), it is brought to a boil. The process of boiling the wort is responsible for two main things. The first is to pasteurize the wort. The second is to add hops, or other flavors such as ginger or molasses. Typically wort is boiled for 60-90 minutes. It is then time to move the wort into a fermenter to be cooled and yeast added. Over the next 4-14 days the yeast will consume all of the sugars that were created in the mash and turn them into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Racking & Packing

When fermentation is determined to be complete, the now "beer" will be cooled again for conditioning. This time to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. At the end of the conditioning phase the beer will either be filtered or directly transferred into what is called a "Bright Tank". This is where the beer is carbonated and kept for either kegging, bottling, or canning. And yes this is all done in house.